lost confidence (again)

So I plucked up the courage to have dinner with my boyfriend after a whole day of contemplation. I made jacket potatoes, salad and tuna mayo – all things I felt happy to eat.

I asked my boyfiend if he wanted any toast with his dinner (as I wanted a small slice too) to which he replied ‘no, got too many calories on my plate as it is’ well.. I’m probably just overreacting. It was a harmless comment and he wasn’t thinking.

Needless to say I went straight upstairs to take some laxatives.

I just want to go and jog now.

Or eat and make myself vomit and take more laxatives.

fucking hell.

One thought on “lost confidence (again)

  1. Good job at being able to eat dinner and I`m sorry it didn’t go too well. These type of comments get to me too. People don`t realize how harmful things like that can be, but maybe talk to you boyfriend and let him know how hurtful it can be to you? It definitely pays off in the long run.


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