ED & my body

over the last week, my body has gone through some pretty quick and rapid changes. Either that or they’ve been happening for a while and I’ve not noticed.

I’m cold ~ I’m feeling the cold nearly always. The other night I stayed with my boyfriend. I went to bed in winter PJs, his dressing gown, a blanket and the duvet plus heating and I was still cold. I’ve been going to work in layers and using the hotties we use for the animals to keep my body warm, including their blankets. I just can’t keep warm.

Rapid heart rate ~ I can just feel my heart beating all the time. It makes me worry that I’m just having mini panic attacks.

Difficulty breathing ~ I’m finding that I need to occasionally take really deep breaths to be able to a thallus breath. I feel like breathing is really delayed, especially if I eat.

Stomach cramping ~ I don’t know if it’s the laxatives gone wrong (I’ve taken too many) but I’ve had awful stomach pains and cramps that have nearly made me pass out.

Dry skin ~ my skin is so dry, especially on my legs. I never really moisturise as my skin is naturally well moistured, but recently it’s been dry and itchy and I’m bruising so easily.

Bad hair ~ the condition of my hair is terrible. I’m treating it as I normally do, but it’s splitting like crazy.

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