to getting better..

firstly, happy new year and 2015 everyone.

I suppose I have never made new years resolutions, so perhaps I should start making a few. With all that went on last year:

bad (losing my step-grandad to cancer and auntie mimi, dad in hospital, leaving my job due to them taking the piss out of me and panicking about my vet nurse training, having a friendship go rocky and being diagnosed with depression and an eating disorder) 

and good (qualifying as an Animal Nursing Assistant, seeing one of my favourite comedians, getting my new job as an ANA at a vets, meeting my wonderful boyfriend and falling in love and going to Edinburgh with one of me besties) 

I suppose both good and bad are almost equal to each other. Battling with depression and an ED have made things incredibly difficult, living my life that I seem to have forgotten how to enjoy have been painful and upsetting. Although I feel as though I can’t get out of this deep hole I am in, I know I have some help but it will still take a while to get there (wherever ‘there’ is)

I know I need to focus on getting better and gaining back the life I used to lead where the anxiety and depression and developing ED weren’t present (well, they were there but hadn’t properly surfaced) but I want to be happy and I want to try, as hard as I know it may be.

much love for this year, h xx

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