Christmas morning blues

so waking up Christmas morning, I’m currently sitting downstairs in my PJs feeling highly irritated.

I got my desire to stay home – although mum will be staying with me. Originally I was okay with this. Although I felt bad that she would be giving up her Christmas Day, perhaps this will be a nice bonding day.                                               Perhaps not. She’s already pissing me off. Talking and singing and asking me when I’m going to get the presents out from under the tree and if I want this and that and what do I want to do today. I know she’s only being my mum.. but I want to be by myself!!

she’s not helping by cooking chicken and pizza and turkey and the traditional salmon and scrambled eggs breakfast for my step dad before he ventures off to his family’s for Christmas (where my mum should be)

I have come to the end of my binge now. My body can take no more consumption. This means I will be starting the fasting side of my ED again.

I could just cry in bed all day.

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